AllCore360 Package

The AllCore360 is a deep core workout that only takes 10 minutes of your day! It's an effective training system that targets over 50 of your core muscles, including muscles you can't workout with traditional fitness equipment. 


- Strengthen and tone core muscles

- Reduce backpain by stabilizing the spine and surrounding muscles

- Zero Impact so anyone can benefit from a package

- Improves balance

- Increase endurance

- And more! 

AllCore360 Package

  • This package includes 12 sessions. It is designed this way to maximize your results with consistent use of 3 sessions per week, for 4 weeks minimum. We do not sell packages for less than 12 sessions. Your package does not expire. However, when not sticking to the recommended protocol of 3 times per week, your results cannot be guaranteed. 

  • Once you purchase this session or package, you do not need to download anything. We will have your order on file at Bluestem. You simply just need to book your appointment and we will handle the rest.