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September 2022: All About Colonics

September 2022: All About Colonics

Over the past few months of our In Harmony partnership, we hope that you made it over to Belle Meade for a colonic. Or maybe you were waiting for the move so you could try a colonic in the studio. But the wait is over! Since In Harmony is now in the house (literally), we figured there’s no better time to give you more information about this magical service that we’re excited to bring into the Bluestem family.

What is a colonic?

You may see people refer to colonics as colon hydrotherapy, colon therapy, or colonic irrigation, but they’re all referring to the same service. A colonic uses water to flush waste out of the large intestine.

To say that seems off-putting might be an understatement.

Why would anyone want to do that?

The benefits of a colonic

Well, people get colonics regularly for many reasons.

The large intestine (the colon) is the final part of the digestive process before waste exits the body. Over time, fecal matter can stagnate and become trapped, leading to a laundry list of physical and emotional symptoms.

And since the brain and the gut are intricately connected, gut issues can not only lead to the most obvious symptoms, such as stomach pain and indigestion, but also mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

A colonic addresses these issues when they stem from the accumulation of toxic waste.

Here’s what some of In Harmony’s therapists (our experts!) have to say.

From Janice and Jillian

Janice, the creator of In Harmony, and Jillian, a much-loved therapist, gave us some insight into the benefits of colonics. After a session, most people feel a sense of renewal and lightness. Brighter, clearer skin is common, along with relief of many health symptoms, which may have seemed unrelated. In Janice’s many years of experience, she’s seen a colonic relieve lower back pain and menstrual cramps.

For Jillian, colonics can have transformed her health and the health of her clients in unexpected, intriguing ways. She has witnessed emotional changes, as well as changes in vision and vocal tone.

In Harmony’s website and Jillian’s blog are great places to start reading more.

What to expect

A colonic isn’t an invasive procedure, but, compared to the other services you know and love at Bluestem, it’s a different experience.

When you arrive for your first session, your therapist (Janice, Jillian, Courtney, or Jessica) will first answer all your questions. You will lie comfortably on the table, and your therapist will facilitate a clean and gentle session. During the alternating cycles of filling then draining, you may feel pressure. If at any time it turns to discomfort, your therapist can stop the process. Your session will last approximately 45 minutes.

Everything under one roof

We’re so excited to have colonics in-house. Don’t forget you can double your detox with a Ballancer + Colonic combo or a HOCATT + Colonic combo. Even better, the detox triad: spread a Ballancer, HOCATT, and Colonic session throughout your week at the only place in Nashville where you can get all these under one roof.

We can’t wait to see you in the studio.

Bluestem Wellness Nashville Disclaimer:

Bluestem Wellness Nashville does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. If you are unsure of how our services relate to your condition, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to your first session. As always, we encourage clients to explore information, but we are happy to empower you with resources. To speak to one of our specialists in a safe and private space about your health concerns, schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION. In the consultation, we will answer your questions and create a customized plan for your healing journey.

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