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October 2022: Fall + Frequencies

October 2022: Fall and Frequencies

This week, as we approach Halloween, we’re also moving through a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are notorious for major life changes, and fall is known as a spiritual, eerily energetic time. For many people, the spooky spirits are just part of seasonal festivities, a lawn decoration at most, but even people who aren’t into astrology or history notice the changes that fall brings.

While we’re on the subject of invisible energy, we thought this would be a great time to do a mini deep dive into one of our standard, but lesser known, therapies.

Although this therapy certainly embodies Wellness Made Simple, it’s not as pretty as the selection of essential oils, sitting neatly on display, and it doesn’t quite grab your attention like the oxygen cannula situated in front of your face.

Indeed, if you didn’t already know about it, you might totally overlook it.

Or, maybe your first time in the studio, you wondered why we’ve posted a numerical list of diseases on a wall in each sauna room. Or what the heck those metal plates are on the sides of the sauna floor.

Perhaps the most underrated therapy we offer, it doesn’t get a lot of upfront attention, but once you know it, you love it: frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) therapy.

In FSM therapy, you receive low levels of electrical current through the bottoms of your feet. You may not feel it, but your body receives the vibration.

It can be difficult for some of us to completely understand what that means, since it’s not the most intuitive to visualize something invisible entering your body and being helpful. However, we’ve all heard the term “vibe.” We might describe someone as having a good vibe. And what we really mean is that there is a vibration. Something our eyes don’t see, yet our body detects it.

Technically, frequency is the speed at which something is vibrating. In FSM therapy, the HOCATT delivers an electrical current in which the frequency addresses the condition you’ve chosen. Another way to think of it is that the program you select has a specific range of frequencies that enters your body and optimizes the cells associated with that ailment's frequencies. In layman's terms, the number you select from the list will help target the condition you have to help you in your healing journey.

The best part is it’s included in every sauna session. You just pick your number! Client favorites include inflammation, detoxification, and anxiety.

The HOCATT has a FSM option for 130 ailments! So whatever your goals for visiting the sauna, you can surely enhance your results by including the FSM therapy.

But of course since it’s October, we can’t go without mentioning: the final three FSM options (131, 132, and 133) are solfeggio frequencies, which we like to think of as our spiritual options. Although they influence the mind and soul, the body often reflects the results. For example, the program “Awaken your intuition” may seem like a trite expression. However, the morning after every sauna session that includes this therapy, one client’s fitness tracker notifies her that her REM sleep increases by 30 percent! REM sleep is the stage of sleep in which most dreams occur. Many people associate REM sleep with a spiritual connection. Those with a spiritual practice may be interested in experimenting with these frequencies and find out how they can promote vitality and healing!


Finally, we’ve been hinting for a while that we have a surprise, and the wait is finally over.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Kris Wusterhausen and his team to the Bluestem building!

Combining cutting-edge wellness tools from hormone therapy to peptide treatments, the Resurge Clinic bridges the gap between medicine and aesthetics.

The Weatherford-based Resurge Clinic now has a Nashville location, and it’s right here with us on Music Row. Joining Nashville’s only ozone saunas with the best colonic team in Middle Tennessee, and finally, an unmatched team of medical professionals, it’s official: Bluestem is where you’ll find all your health and wellness needs under one roof.


With all the excitement about the new clinic, don’t forget that since it’s the final week of Spooky Season, it’s also the last week to get our Spooky special! Get $5 off your first colonic AND a 15 minute session on the Migun for free. And as Fall continues, you can also schedule your consultation with Dr. Wusterhausen and experiment with your favorite FSM settings!

Bluestem Wellness Nashville Disclaimer:

Bluestem Wellness Nashville does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. If you are unsure of how our services relate to your condition, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to your first session. As always, we encourage clients to explore information, but we are happy to empower you with resources. To speak to one of our specialists in a safe and private space about your health concerns, schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION. In the consultation, we will answer your questions and create a customized plan for your healing journey.


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