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October 2021: Fighting Inflammation with PEMF

October 2021: Fighting Inflammation with PEMF- Recover and Recharge

+ Tony Robbins and The Electric Taco

Welcome to mid-October! We are right in the midst of Spooky Season, the time of year for ghosts and haunted houses. But at Bluestem, we can only think of one thing more frightening than pre-pandemic traffic on 440: inflammation.

Being sick is definitely scary, but we have multiple services to help you address inflammation! In our first blog post, we discussed the benefits of the ozone sauna. The HOCATT ozone sauna is a powerful inflammation fighter, but this month, we want to spotlight our PEMF devices, both of which address inflammation.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy. A quick Google search reveals that there are many PEMF devices on the market, and for good reason! PEMF technology is approved by the FDA to treat anxiety, depression, and certain types of bone injuries. At Bluestem, we find our client use reflects this. Many love PEMF therapy for its chronic-pain-relieving benefits from neuropathy, scoliosis, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. Others love it for its grounding impact for anxiety or even meditation and energy work.

At Bluestem, we offer you a choice between two of the best PEMF devices out there: the iMRS and the HUGO.

The iMRS is a low intensity device, so you do not feel any electrical impulses during the session. You simply choose from a variety of programs based on your goals and relax, lying on the mat. You also have the option of including a warming far infrared treatment. The iMRS is a great option for those who like a longer session or those who feel the HUGO is too strong.

The HUGO experience is a little different from the iMRS experience because the HUGO is a high intensity device. The HUGO is unique because it consists of two mats. You lie down on one mat, and the other is placed on top of you like a blanket. This device is the first of its kind to create this powerful “sandwich effect.” We find it’s the most fun to call it the “electric taco,” but that’s totally optional. Although it's visually more like a sandwich, that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

A HUGO session lasts 12 minutes. You do feel the electrical pulses as a slight sensation, but the intensity is based completely on your comfort level. The impact of the HUGO is felt in the areas of the body that have the most inflammation. Many clients feel it right where they would guess, but the result often surprises you! We often make interesting connections about our bodies based on where the HUGO targets.

As your body acclimates to the PEMF, you have the option of asking us to gently bump up the intensity. You can also receive a HUGO session during a platinum HOCATT ozone sauna session. The addition of PEMF is what makes a HOCATT session, platinum.

If you haven’t noticed, we are really pumped for this Blog as a way to connect with you all more deeply. We want you to feel as familiar and confident in the power of our services as we do. This month, we’re going to do a mini deep-dive into inflammation and PEMF therapy. So if you’re down for that, keep reading. But if you’re just here for Tony Robbins, we don’t blame you. Before we discuss how the PEMF fights inflammation, though, we should talk about inflammation. What even is inflammation?

Put most simply, inflammation is the body’s biological response to something being wrong. It could be in the form of an immune response to a foreign invader, such as a bacteria, or to an irritant, such as a chemical. Your body always wants to protect itself from harm. You’re probably most familiar with the inflammation that results because of a physical injury. You observe redness and swelling and recognize the most telling sign: you feel pain.

Sometimes, minor acute inflammation is a good thing. For example, exercise soreness ultimately results in adaptation, the strength gained from pushing just beyond your comfort zone. However, if inflammation becomes chronic, we’re headed for trouble.

It has been said that inflammation is at the root of virtually every disease, as an increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. Lifestyle choices, along with genetic and environmental factors, certainly all play a role in your overall level of health. But it’s worth noting that counteracting inflammation as a key factor of illness can be a helpful tool. PEMF therapy helps you do just that.

Because the magnetic field passes through the body to reach the internal organs, PEMF therapy is helpful for a wide range of conditions. For example, clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of PEMF in treating arthritis. Although PEMF therapy benefits the body through multiple biological mechanisms, high intensity PEMF therapy improves cellular respiration. Studies also indicate that by influencing the sodium-potassium pumps, PEMF therapy influences epigenetic changes downstream that decrease inflammation. Best of all, a session with the iMRS or HUGO provides these amazing benefits with little to no side effects. Clients report decreased pain and increased energy after one session, but results are best achieved with regular sessions.

At Bluestem, we’re really excited about all of our new clients. Some OG clients may remember our article on sweatNET* about Tony Robbins and the HUGO.

It’s a great read, and we still highly recommend it. The article touches on the history and benefits of magnetic therapies.

If you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, imagine a man with the build and brawn of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the endless energy and determination of The Terminator, in the form of a self-help guru. He’s a motivational speaker and author best known for holding vigorous seminars with 16-hour-long days. One of his books is literally called Awaken the Giant Within.

So how does Tony Robbins counter the frightening inflammation from long, demanding days, to instead create boundless energy (that is arguably more frightening)?

He has a HUGO in his mansion in Fiji.

What a sentence.

Reportedly, he uses the HUGO multiple days a week to both relieve stress and minimize pain associated with torn rotator cuffs. (You can read more about this here and here.)

Inflammation is frightening, but the benefits of the electric taco are shocking. The best part is you don’t have to be a self-help guru living in Fiji to receive the benefits of the HUGO. We’ve got one right here in Nashville. You can also receive one FREE PEMF session when you purchase a 5 Pack of the Ultimate Experience and two FREE PEMF sessions with a 10 Pack of the Ultimate Experience.

Who knows, after you’re done, you might have the energy to roar chaotically about a stage, or you might feel, as a Business Insider Reporter put it, “like a freshly charged iPhone.”

*As always, sweatNET members receive 10 percent off all regularly priced Bluestem services!

Bluestem Wellness Nashville Disclaimer:

Bluestem Wellness Nashville does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. If you are unsure of how our services relate to your condition, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to your first session. As always, we encourage clients to explore information, but we are happy to empower you with resources. To speak to one of our specialists in a safe and private space about your health concerns, schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION. In the consultation, we will answer your questions and create a customized plan for your healing journey.

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