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July 2022: How to Maximize Your Bluestem Experience

July 2022: How to Maximize Your Bluestem Experience

After a few sauna sessions, you know the basics. Drink plenty of water (half your body weight in ounces, to be exact) the day of your session. Be mindful of the construction on Music Row. Use the restroom right before you hop in the HOCATT.

But because every service packs multiple options and benefits, we’ve found that sometimes it’s easy to miss all the options you have available to you! For this month’s blog, we’ve gathered our best suggestions to help you get the most of your Bluestem session.

Be prepared to relax– whatever that means for you.

Some clients love using their session to fully disconnect. It’s the perfect strategy for HUGO and iMRS sessions, since cell phones interfere with the PEMF technology. But relaxation doesn’t always have to mean silent meditation. That 30 minutes you’ve carved out for yourself is yours to spend however you’d like. We usually play ambient music before your arrival, but that’s certainly not your only option.

You can request any Spotify playlist you’d like to hear instead. Some clients love catching up on their favorite podcast while in the sauna. Just be sure to download songs or shows to your phone before your visit (Cell phone connectivity is unreliable in the studio due to the soundproof studio rooms!). Pull up the show you downloaded on your phone and after you settle into the sauna, we’ll press play.

Take advantage of partners, packages, combos, options, and add-ons.

The HOCATT is such a multi-tasker that it’s easy to overlook the included therapies beyond ozone and infrared. So on your way into your session, don’t forget to pick an essential oil and electrotherapy. You can choose the same option each time (we’ll keep your preferences in your file), or you can experiment with different combinations. Soothe a sinus infection with peppermint and eucalyptus, or combat a stressful week with lavender. Popular selections include the “immune” and “inflammation” electrotherapies, but if you’re into energy work, don’t forget about numbers 131-133, for working with your intuition.

To enhance relaxation, add-on a NuCalm session or a face mask to either the HOCATT or Ballancer. The face masks soothes your skin as the sauna gently detoxes your body, creating the ultimate spa experience. The NuCalm gently influences your brain waves to leave you feeling calm and recharged.

Like any therapy or supplement, consistency is key for the best results. Purchasing a five or ten pack saves you money compared to buying each session individually. You can make sure you fit your self-care in by scheduling your visits in advance, six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday!

Not only are packages and combos the most cost-effective option for consistency, they also maximize your benefits since our services work synergistically. Choose from the Ballancer-Sauna combo, Massage-Sauna combo (returning soon as we revamp our massage experience!), or the Day Pass, for an AllCore-HUGO-Sauna combo (the best value!) Finally, don’t forget about our partner, In Harmony Wellness. As a Bluestem client, you’ll get a special rate on the colonic, which is perfect for a self-care day.

Special sauna options: cupping and insufflations

This might be our best-kept non-secret secret. Most clients receive the full benefit they seek from the HOCATT’s 10 therapies. In every session, the steam delivers transdermal ozone throughout the body. But for some situations, concentrated, localized treatment is more suitable. That’s where the special add-ons, insufflation and cupping, come in.

You may be familiar with the term “cupping,” in which heated cups are applied to the skin for suction to increase blood flow. However, our cupping add-on is much simpler. It is a glass attachment in the shape of a funnel that allows you to apply ozone directly to a small area of the skin during your sauna session.

Clients have used cupping for spider, chigger, and tick bites, and other conditions, such as wounds, herpetic whitlow and other viral flare-ups. Additional forms of cupping include breast and prostate cupping. Similarly, vaginal insufflations place concentrated localized ozone gas, directly addressing common conditions of the area.

The best part, there’s no upcharge– the price of your session includes cupping and insufflations.. If you’d like to use either, just let us know before we preheat the sauna.

After you leave the studio.

Most people know about our amazing products that you can purchase to extend your Bluestem experience beyond the studio, but few clients utilize a tool right near their fingertips. Have you tried using your fitness tracker to capture your results? Clients with a Garmin, Whoop, or other wearable that records heart rate or oxygenation data have reported increased heart rate variability, improved deep and REM sleep, and increased VO2 max with regular sauna usage! We love seeing your results.

We love customizing each session, but if any of this seems like a lot, just remember it’s all up to you! Some clients love trying different combinations, and others enjoy the simplicity of a standard session. If you have questions, give us a call, and don’t forget we offer free consultations to help you get started.

Bluestem Wellness Nashville Disclaimer:

Bluestem Wellness Nashville does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. If you are unsure of how our services relate to your condition, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to your first session. As always, we encourage clients to explore information, but we are happy to empower you with resources. To speak to one of our specialists in a safe and private space about your health concerns, schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION. In the consultation, we will answer your questions and create a customized plan for your healing journey.

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