PEMF Therapy


PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY is FDA approved to treat anxiety, depression, muscle stimulation, and much more! It also helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Our iMRS Prime System includes Far Infrared Therapy, Biofeedback, a Sound-Light Relaxation system, and 280 pre-programmed settings for your needs. The iMRS session can last from 8 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the program(s) you choose. 

- PEMF Therapy is FDA Approved To Treat Anxiety, Depression, Brain Cancer, Muscle Stimulation, and more

Reduces Stress

- Boosts Energy Levels

- Increases Circulation

- Reduces Pain and Inflammation

- Balances Your Body

- Increases Oxygen Levels

- Increases Heart Rate Variabilities

- Stabilizes Your Circadian Rhythm

- Detoxifies The Body



The Hugo pulses energy that penetrate the body at a cellular level so your body will feel twitches of electricity. Each client will have a different experience based on their particular needs. 

  • Aids With Lymphatic Drainage

  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety

  • Boosts Energy Levels

  • Increases Circulation

  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation

  • Aids In Muscle Recovery

  • Relieves Sore Muscles

  • Regenerates Cells 

  • Promotes Healing


  • Pregnancy

  • Pacemaker/Implanted electrical devices

  • Certain types of implanted metals

  • Known heart conditions

  • Epilepsy and/or seizures

  • Organ transplant patient

  • Surgery in the past 72 hours

Please inform staff of any of these conditions you may have and please review the consultation form below for the full list of contraindications. 

What to Expect


The Hugo mat creates muscle stimulations that feel like tingles throughout your body. You will feel this sensation where you need it most. We ask that you communicate with us on the intensity so that it is never painful.

The iMRS does not create these tingling effects but monitors your body through biofeedback. Knee bolsters and blankets are available for both mats.


You can wear anything as long as it is not covered in metal. You will not need to undress for this services except for your belt and jewelry. 


The Hugo mat is 12 minutes. You may do this service once a day. 

The iMRS mat is anywhere from 8-60 minutes, your choice. You can use this service once to twice a day. 


Like other services, the more consistent you are with your sessions, the better you will feel. Most people feel their muscle tension/soreness fade away. You will also feel more grounded and balanced. Some people experience mental clarity and bursts of energy for a few days.