Want to add the Ozone Sauna after your massage for the ultimate in pain relief and detoxification?

Try our Massage + Sauna Combo

for only $150!!

Enjoy a relaxing massage by one of Tennessee Massage Collective's talented Massage Therapists. They specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Medical, Thai, Reiki, and Hot Stone massages, all tailored to your needs. Your massage will also include a low frequency PEMF mat on which you lay that will aid in the reduction of pain, inflammation, lymphatic drainage, and an overall cellular recharge. Choose from a 60 minute or 90 minute massage. For Couples Massages, call to schedule.

$125 | 60 minutes

$160 | 90 minutes

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Meet The Team

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Blake Bates

Blake is the founder of TN Massage Collective. A graduate of Tennessee Career Institute, Blake puts his knowledge of human anatomy to use in every session to ensure that his clients receive the most beneficial and relaxing massage possible. With an emphasis on deep tissue, sports, and medical massage, he strives to alleviate any and all chronic pain.

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Benjamin Crabtree

During his 6 years of service in the National Guard, Ben attended and graduated from Daymar College in Owensboro, Kentucky. He specializes in deep tissue muscle melting geared toward rehabilitation and injury prevention. Ben believes that in order for the body to heal properly a calm and relaxed mind is priority. He is also trained to work with clients dealing with trauma to help guide them through recovery.