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Enjoy a relaxing massage by one of Tennessee Massage Collective's talented Massage Therapists. They specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Medical, Reiki, and Hot Stone massages, all tailored to your needs. Your massage will also include a low frequency PEMF mat on which you lay that will aid in the reduction of pain, inflammation, lymphatic drainage, and an overall cellular recharge. Choose from a 60 minute or 90 minute massage.



60 Minute Massages:

Swedish & Deep Tissue | $125

Prenatal, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage | $135

Aromatherapy/CBD & Cupping | $140

90 Minute Massages:

Swedish  & Deep Tissue | $160

Prenatal & Lymphatic Drainage | $170

Reiki + Massage | $170

Aromatherapy/CBD | $175

Neck Massage



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Massage + 
Sauna Combo

This package allows you to enjoy a relaxing Massage with therapists from TN Massage Collective followed by a session in the Ozone Sauna.

Combining these two services allow for maximum detoxification, reduced pain, and the ultimate relaxation! You can't beat that. 

$150 | 60 min

massage + sauna

$180 | 90 min

massage + sauna

(value of $200+)

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