Music industry veterans Nan Kingsley & Megan Zarling have now opened Bluestem Wellness Nashville, new spa tailored for those seeking alternative therapies for mind, body & spirit. Born out of passion and built out of resolve, with metro Nashville’s diverse clientele, the business partners knew Music Row would be the perfect location for their flagship spa, appropriately housed in a converted recording studio. Self-care is a major focal point in the ever-expanding wellness sector, and what is referred to as ‘smart wellness,’ or 'wellness made simple'. 

“I have felt called in recent years to take what I’ve learned on my own life journey and share it with others seeking to become their best self. While the radio industry has and will continue to be a core component of the family business Bob & I have created, bringing attention to the benefits I’ve personally experienced from therapies in the wellness industry has become a passion for me. We have big dreams about where this can go, and those dreams are affirmed by the results we’ve seen during our six month beta test phase in Nashville.” - Nan Kingsley, Partner of Bluestem Wellness and President Of KCCS Productions, which produces and owns Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 countdown, heard on over 300 stations globally. 

Bluestem Wellness’ spotlight device is an ozone sauna, featuring ozone, pure oxygen, light and aroma therapy, delivering the ultimate detox and immune system boost in 30 minutes. Complementary services available for clients include the AllCore360 system that targets over 50 deep core muscles, two different PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) mats, a NuCalm meditation system intended for stress relief, massage therapy and personal training. Additional services and devices will be introduced throughout 2019. 

“Wellness begins as a state of mind and we want to create an environment where wellness truly becomes a state of being. Nan & I share a common desire to make these devices available to as many people as possible. Each of us, in our own ways, have found paths to healing that are anything but traditional. For us, Bluestem is about educating people and allowing them to find the right path for them.” - Megan Zarling, Principal at Megan Zarling Law and Partner of Bluestem Wellness. 


M-F  9am - 7pm

Saturday  9am - 2pm

Sunday  Closed


1008 17th Ave. S.

Nashville, TN 37212

Tel: (615) 942-7439 

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